National Institutes of Health (NIH)Office of Information Technology (OIT)

The National Institutes of Health Office of Information Technology required the capabilities of an experienced contractor to deliver Information Technology Operations Support. In collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton, XA Systems is able to provide and deliver an array of effective infrastructure enhancement solutions.

XA Systems Solution

For NIH, XA Systems provided OIT with the expertise designed to improve NIH Information Technology Operational Infrastructure, which included, but not limited to the following:

Desktop Support. At contract start, XA Systems’ service desk technician team reviewed the existing Service Desk management Plan and updated it to reflect a proactive approach to improving response times to helpdesk service tickets and increase systems inspection frequencies. Through implementing the ITIL best practice framework, XA Systems improved the technology maintenance services (troubleshooting) required at OIT.

QUALITY ASSURANCE SERVICES. XA Systems enforces and implements ITIL framework to ensure the availability and quality of services being delivered to OIT. Implementation of ITIL best practices helps XA Systems support OIT’s’ ongoing process improvement program. Our technical team provides OIT’s Quality Improvement Program with the following Quality Assurance services to improve OIT’s operational efficiencies:

  • Testing & Supporting Upgrades and Changes to Software and Hardware
  • Various Inspection Frequencies (includes technology and staff)

INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT. Our technicians maintain OIT’s configuration database of computer records for desktop computers, printers, faxes, laptops, tablets, various handheld computing devices and other computer peripherals. We provide detailed reports to the designees responsible for move coordination, IT management and the delivery/pick up of IT assets contained throughout OIT’s offices and facilities. XA Systems monitors, troubleshoots, engineers and deploys the following technologies at OIT:

  • Windows 2003/2007
  • Service Now
  • BigFix
  • VMware
  • Active Directory

Documentation and Technical Writing. During the life of the contract, XA Systems supports OIT in their efforts to develop, edit and maintain accurate accounts of project, program and contract performance data. Our team has worked diligently improving OIT’s SOP’s and Workflow processes. These include but are not limited to Ticket Handling Guidelines, Software Purchase Requests, Security Incident Processes, and New Account Provisioning. XA Systems provides the following:

  • Detailed Status Reports
  • Development of Process Flows
  • Establishing and Implementing SOP’s
  • Project Plans
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Problem Analysis
  • Change Requests

XAS Advantages

XA Systems launched a mini Awareness Campaign for OIT prior to any installations and changes. Our team implemented ITIL best practices. We delivered ITIL education for selected individuals. The education provided a common vocabulary and reference framework. It assisted with organizational understanding of the benefits derived from best practices and how they help to meet the associated goals of the organization. XA increased OIT’s use of formal procedures concerning checks and balances which served as a means of protecting the live environment and improving service quality. XA Systems continues to successfully deliver against contract performance requirements while being on-time and on budget. We are delivering cost effective and quality results.

XAS Achievements

XA Systems uses the IBM BigFix program in order to schedule and push a variety of desktop and/or server patches to address security vulnerabilities and upgrade requirements. We also generate software deployment packages in support of the numerous COTS applications and the Windows 7 operating systems migration. XA Systems improved OIT’s efficiency in help desk response time to help desk tickets. We troubleshoot for hardware issues on PC’s, Laptops, Computer Accessories, Blackberries, Wireless Equipment, CISCO VPN, Remote Dial-In and ISP Access. We also support Windows 2003/2007, ServiceNow, VMware, and Active Directory. We have successfully reduced the overall ticket count from 600 at the start of the project to maintaining at 150.

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