Increase the Value of Service Support With
ITSM Advisory Consulting.

Drive consistent customer-focused innovation and experiences for your customers. An effective ITSM strategy will enable an organization to provide increased quality of support to the business while driving innovations that increase customer experiences.

Transform the way your
service support organization works and
see the impact on your business and your bottom line.

When you align your business strategy and goals with people, processes, technology and data, you have the ability to optimize and improve service support operations, and as your strategic partner, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

At XA Systems, our management consulting services deliver actionable solutions to real service support challenges that span across people, technology, data, and finances. Utilizing an ITSM approach to our engagements, our consultants provide service support organizations with strategic leadership and transformation insights, obtained through years of experience. Together, we work with you to deliver thoughtful, practical guidance and recommendations.

When large organizational, procedural, or technological shifts occur, the impact is felt across all levels of a business. With the right direction and leadership, this leads to a highly motivated and productive workforce, streamlined processes, automated workflows, cost savings, and a solid path towards innovation to guide your service support organization into the future.

ITSM/ITIL best practice implementation that resolves business challenges and drives digital transformation initiatives.

Today, an increasing number of organizations are leveraging their ITSM tool to do more than just IT. Managing HR issues, handling Facilities Service Request, onboarding new employees, providing a portal for requesting supplies, even tracking non-IT related assets, are all examples of ways to leverage the investment made in an ITSM tool and improve ROI as well as provide the needed ability to track and report on these services. The real value though lies beyond the use of the ITSM tool.

The underlying set of practices that make up ITSM including the adaption of a service lifecycle, the establishment of policies, processes and well-defined roles and responsibilities along with the implementation of Continual Service Improvement allows organizations to achieve both incremental and large-scale improvements in service quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Not just for IT, but for your business.

Our consulting engagements are based on a continual improvement methodology that includes the measurement of results through KPIs backed by performance analytics:

PHASE 1: Strategic Planning – Planning is a critical first activity in improving the enterprise service management capabilities of any organization ensuring that the service management strategy is aligned to long-term business vision, goals and objectives.

PHASE 2: Assessment – Understanding how your current service management capabilities meet your current business needs is the basis to understand what is necessary to support your future business needs with regards to adherence and alignment to best practice process and technology.

PHASE 3: Process Design and Improvement – Beginning with documenting your current processes, we evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency then improve them where necessary aligning them with ITIL best practices. This results in a clear understanding of training and tool requirements.

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