Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Office of Regulatory Administration (ORA)

The Food & Drug Administration required the expertise of an experienced contractor to deliver the ORA’s System Architecture Support. XA Systems provided high level professional expertise involved with designing the solution to modernize the ORA’s System Architecture Support, which included, but is not limited to the following:

PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Our team ensured that there were several key factors incorporated into the modernization efforts including a Disaster Recovery plan and implementation of the ITIL framework.

PROGRAM SUPPORT. For the duration of the contract, XA systems provided valued input analysis, evaluations, recommendations and support coordination to various activities directed towards ORA’s efforts to accomplish IT modernization.

DASHBOARD MANAGEMENT. Our team ensured that ORA’s Dashboards achieved and maintained full functionality and ORA’s goal of knowledge management.

PRODUCT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT. From contract start, XA Systems ensured our team accomplished specific critical pathways for ORA’s IT Modernization release lifecycle. Our efforts allowed our team to conclude the project on time, on budget, and with no integration of systems error.

  • Cloud Based Architecture
  • Automated Patch Deployment
  • Ensure & Maintaining Patch Compliance
  • Flexible Configuration of various software
  • Comprehensive Reports

IT AND SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE. Our Subject Matter Expert conducted In-depth analysis and evaluation of ORA’s Oracle’s Exadata and Exalogic storage platforms and systems, which allowed XA systems to update and fully customize of ORA’s application deployment strategy, and the service oriented architecture (SOA) conformance for the Mission Accomplishments and Regulatory Compliance (MARCS) application.

IT SECURITY. XA Systems approach to IT/Network security is not simply just scanning for issues and applying fixes, but also considerations for Remote Access Devices, Designs for intranet and extranet and deploying patches in a test environment. Our solution to ORA’s IT Security, included but was not limited to the following:

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