Customer Experience
Management (CXM) for Service Support

Understand your customer’s perspective of their interactions with your service support operation and deliver consistent quality experiences across all touchpoints.

A Customer Experience Management (CXM) program
designed specifically for service support centers.

While the benefits of Customer Experience Management (CXM) programs include faster revenue growth, increased customer retention, improved profit margin and other measurable paybacks, CX strategies can determine a company’s ability to survive in a competitive marketplace.

We help you to provide consistent and differentiated customer experiences so that your customers do not need to evaluate your competitors services. Customer expectations for service support are rising and it is increasingly easier for customers to switch service providers. Our customer experience management programs address the business problem of commoditization by delivering a consistent and differentiated customer experience resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage.

Companies with service support centers that succeed in delivering consistently positive customer experiences will notice increased referrals, loyalty, advocacy, customer share, repeat business and top line revenues. Companies that do not engage in Customer Experience Management (CXM) programs will become targets for their forward-looking competitors to secure net new market share.

XA Systems has developed a Customer Experience Management (CXM) program specifically tailored to service support centers delivering the following value to clients:

  1. Create a CX vision. The CX vision needs to be aligned with the company’s brand creating the link between the brand promise and the experience. The CX vision will create clarity around your company’s intended experience and will helps all employees start to understand how best to contribute to better experiences.
  2. Build a customer-centric culture. A customer-centric culture is the basis for transforming operations into a world-class service support center. We will help you to gain the support of executive leadership by developing a clear business case for the customer experience transformation.
  3. Conduct CX research. The purpose of customer research is to make decision making more customer-centric. Therefore, you must achieve an understanding of your customers’ expectations of service and quality. This requires research that that is rooted in the right questions, methods and mindset.
  4. Create Journey Maps. The only way to understand the perception of your customers interactions with your service support center is to put yourself in your customers shoes. Journey mapping will form the fundamental understanding of how perceptions are developed in the minds of your customers focusing on specific customers, specific support challenges, and your customers approach on how they would come to resolve those challenges.
  5. Measure your Performance. Measurement is about driving improvements in your service support operations. You need to begin measuring relevant metrics and KPIs to form a baseline of performance then monitor them over time to see how your improvement efforts result in revenue correlation. This forms the bases for developing a ROI model.
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