TOGAF Version 9.1 “Enterprise Edition”

A Detailed Method for Developing an Enterprise Architecture

TOGAF is a framework—a detailed method and a set of supporting tools for developing the enterprise architecture.

TOGAF plays an important role in standardizing (and de-risking) the architecture development process. Developing and sustaining an enterprise architecture is a technically complex process that involves many stakeholders and decision processes in the organization. TOGAF provides a best practice framework for adding value, enabling the organization to build workable and economic solutions that address their business issues and needs.

Any organization undertaking or planning to undertake the development and implementation of the enterprise architecture for the support of their business transformation, will benefit from the use of TOGAF.

Global Adoption

TOGAF is the de facto standard certification for enterprise architects today. More than 20,000 professionals have been certified in recent years and a staggering 80% of Fortune 500 companies are making successful use of the framework.

The Open Group

TOGAF is developed and maintained by members of The Open Group working within the Architecture Forum. The original development of TOGAF Version 1 (1995) was based on the Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM), which was developed by the US Department of Defense.
TOGAF has been developed through the collaborative efforts of over 300 Architecture Forum member companies, representing some of the world’s leading companies and organizations. The use of TOGAF results in enterprise architecture that is consistent, reflects the needs of stakeholders, employs best practices, and gives due consideration to both current requirements and the future needs of the business.

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