Modern enterprises require robust tools that can monitor resources used by applications, correlate that data with meaningful user insights, and align performance with business processes.

SerVista-ITSM meets the demands of the increasingly challenging application performance management landscape. Monitoring applications in both SaaS and on-premise environments saves time and expenses by quickly identifying root cause of operational incidents. Through intuitive interface dashboards, SerVista-ITSM enables IT managers and administrators to gain full visibility into application performance from the user perspective and rapidly implement targeted incident resolution activities when incidents occur.

Benefits of the Solution
  • Increased availability of IT Services
  • Address potential service interruptions before users are impacted
  • Proactive approach to IT incident management
  • Measurable service quality
Reduced IT Operational Costs
  • Optional automated recovery of services
  • Automated Service Level monitoring, reporting, and measurement
  • Single cross-platform monitoring solution
  • Incident, event identification and notification
Automated compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Monitor business application services remotely or locally
  • Provides metrics of actual service performance 24×7
  • Contract compliance and validation metrics

SerVista-ITSM Delivers Real-Time Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

Enterprise Service Level Management
Service Compliance Management
Proactive Performance and Availability
Automated SLA Reporting
End-User Experience Monitoring
Event and Incident Management
Metrics and Management Reports

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